IAT-334: 09 Protoflow


Close all laptops please! (Back row is excluded)

What is the trigger, rule(s), and feedback?
What is the task, trigger, rule(s), and feedback?
What is the task, trigger, rule(s), and feedback?

P03 Schedule

Mar 13: Prototyping week for generating high-fidelity, interactive prototypes of your application.

Mar 20: Testing week for finding flaws and improving your prototype.

Mar 27: Refinement and final presentation development week. (Worth 20%)


We are pushing you far and fast with this week's prototype deliverables. Please remember that it is still worth your time and energy to make lower fidelity prototypes before moving into the high-fidelity.

Storyboarding interfaces can help explore the flow and states before moving to a higher fidelity.

The Core

Not just a bad movie

When your user first opens your app, they will not have you there to pitch it to them. How can you help them understand the core idea without being there yourself?

The Core

Make sure that your core idea is:

Consider what the first screen we get says.

Remember: Users Have Types


Helping Users

Remember to consider:

Will our user remember this?
What do we expect to find in the navigation?
Is this as was expected?

Feedback Time

Find one other group to present your pitch to. Each group will have an opportunity to present and get some additional feedback.

Presentation Time

Have one of the groups present their pitch.

You have...

Feedback Time

Have the other groups provide feedback on the pitch.

You have...

Any questions?

UI Sketchbook

Sketch #9

Based on your work for P03 for this week, your sketching task is to come up with 2 interface storyboards which each show a different task for your interactive system. Each interface storyboard should clearly demonstrate:

In This Week's Labs...

You will be presenting your application ideas. Remember that you need to be able to explain to us why your idea matters.

In Next Week's Lecture...

We will talk about failure, as well as have a reading quiz. Which you will hopefully not fail.

Contacting Andrew