IAT-334: 11 Interface the Future

Interface the Future

Close laptops please

Course Evaluations

Now available on Canvas are course evaluations. Please do address any concerns you may have with the course with a clear explanation of why, as it always helps in my improving of course materials.

TA Evaluations

Please fill out your TA evaluation form and place it in the folder that corresponds to your lab number. Please come and collect us from the mezzanine with the filled out forms in 15 minutes.

P03 Schedule

Mar 13: Prototyping week for generating high-fidelity, interactive prototypes of your application.

Mar 20: Testing week for finding flaws and improving your prototype.

Mar 27: Refinement and final presentation development week. (Worth 20%)

P03: UI Design
P03: UI Design Rubric

Project Website or Video Pitch

The main page of the site or the main narrative of the video should detail your final design in a way that will successfully communicate what the system is: What the core idea is, how will it work, who and what is it for, and why should we care?

Project Website Details

The visual look and layout of your site should complement the interactive system you designed. Use the same or similar visual design patterns where possible to make a cohesive experience.

Done properly and done well, the site will become a valuable portfolio piece that each member of your team can easily link into their own online portfolio of design work.

Video Pitch Details

Some things to be careful/wary of in these:

Personal Reflections

An opportunity to reflect on your project's process, and ways you personally might like to improve or readdress your work in the future. This is an exercise that can feed directly into your portfolio.

Any questions?

Next Week's Lecture

A question...

Feedback and Testing

Find another group to test and trade feedback with whom you have not met before. You have 10 minutes to:

Have the presenting team showcase:

  • What the system is
  • The purpose
  • How it works
  • Why we should care about it
  • The prototype itself

Have the feedback team critique:

  • Argument/support of purpose
  • Quality of solution
  • Visual design
  • Usability
  • Fidelity

UI Sketchbook

Sketch #11

As a final sketch for the term, please sketch out three interface design things that you have learned over the term. The sketches should clearly demonstrate:

In This Week's Labs...

We will have you speak to your research. Please be ready to go when you arrive, as we will need to move through and provide feedback relatively quickly.

In Next Week's Lecture...

The critique quiz as well as project-a-palooza. Please bring in your finalized materials to next week's lecture.

UI Critique Quiz

You will be given a problematic user interface (as a series of displays) to critique. Using your interface design knowledge from the course, you will:

Please bring a laptop or smartphone on which to test out the interface.

Contacting Andrew