IAT-334: 12 The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

Lecture outline

The end of the course.

Quiz Rules

  1. You will have only thirty minutes to complete the quiz. Keep an eye on the time due, as late submissions receive a zero.
  2. This quiz is open book, meaning you can draw on online resources as much as you would like. Please remember that if you cannot access a reading because everyone else did so before you, there is nothing we can do. Please refer to your notes.
  3. Any words that are not your own must be cited using a proper format — for example (Author, 2000). Any plagiarism will result in a grade of zero. No exceptions.
  4. Any talking, texting, messaging, paging, or secret-tiny bluetooth resulting in communications with friends or classmates will result in a grade of zero. No exceptions. Facebook can wait.
  5. Please answer any questions in full sentences.

Available is a prototype of an application for bird watchers to help them find, share, and recommend birds to find to their bird watching friends. Within the prototype, you are able to:

  1. Search for a bird to find.
  2. Recommend a bird to find.
  3. Find a specific bird on the map.
  4. Look at a friend's bird collections.

To complete this quiz, please spend some time moving through the application. Imagine you are an individual trying to share your bird watching experience with your peers. Try out the different features listed above and see where there may be problems with the visual, interaction, or experience design applied.

For the quiz, you are to provide a critique clearly identifying an issue within each category (visual, interaction, and experience) as well as why it is an issue in the context of interface design. Make sure you are using course-specific terminology in the support of your critique.

The quiz will be graded as follows:

Quiz time

The secret password is . You have 30 minutes.

The Grand Finale

Please help reposition the room into 'stations' at which we can set up your projects.


You can 'vote' to nominate a group for the 'best in show'-case category. You are not permitted to vote for your own team.

The Grand Finale

Please help reposition the room back into normal 'room' form.

In This Week's Labs...

There are none! Thank-you gang and have a good summer!