Course Readings

Readings are intended to be completed in time for lecture on the given week. All readings are available through Canvas.

Jan 9 (UI Thinking)

A Design Process for Digital Products (Chapter 1) of About Face by Cooper et al.

Jan 16 (Aesthetic Affordances)

Design Methods (Chapter 7) of The UX Team of One by Lisa Buley.

Jan 23 (Thinking Like Them)

Evaluative Research & Analysis and Models (Chapter 7/8) of Just Enough Research by Erika Hall.

Jan 30 (Scenarios)

Digital Interaction (Chapter 13) of Understanding Context by Andrew Hinton.

Feb 6 (Patterns of Patterns)

Using Animation to Solve Design Problems (Chapters 4-6) of Designing Interface Animation by Val Head.

Feb 13 (Reading week (no lecture))

No readings.

Feb 20 (Talking to Humans)

Selections from Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal.

Feb 27 (UI for Humans)

Learn From Users & Humanize Your Process (Chapter 6/7) of Design for Real Life by Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher.

Mar 6 (Teeny Tiny Actions)

Designing Microinteractions (Chapter 1) of Microinteractions by Dan Saffer.

Mar 13 (Protoflow)

To be announced.

Mar 20 (When We Fail)

Embrace Failure, Get the Right Experience & Get the Experience Right (Chapters 1-3) of Why We Fail by Victor Lombardi.

Mar 27 (Interface the Future)

No readings.

Apr 3 (P03 Presentations & Course Wrap-up)

No readings.